Haven’t Met You Yet ~ Nick Jonas (Full song)

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Now, I have a question. How many people, of you here tonight, have gone through a hard time in your life? One of those moments when life throws an unexpected turn ball at you. I had one of those moments, when I got diagnosed with diabetes. It was a shock. When I went into the hospital that night, I made a commitment to myself…that I wouldn’t let it slow me down. And I’m here to tell you, that it hasn’t slowed me down. Now today, I met a few wonderful people. They told me, that my story encouraged them. Now, tell me, who would’ve thought, that my hard time, would one day, encourage all of you. And I was having another one of those days, when my blood sugar was a little out of control, and there was a tough day. So I sat down, and I wrote this song. This song right here, is for every broken heart, for every lost dream, for every single tear, for every high, and for every low. Tonight, this song, this song’s for you. Now what I want you to do, is I wanna hear you sing this song out, with all of your heart. - Nick Jonas.

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